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If something's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.


Good advertising is like no advertising at all. It doesn’t push, it’s not aggressive, it doesn’t want to eat you alive. It draws attention to itself by being interesting. It offers something to think about that is emotionally touching. It affects you, the customer, the recipient of the message. We believe this is the good way to create advertising.
When it comes to strategic planning, classic advertising campaigns, promotions, online campaigns or community activities, our goal is always to offer solutions that are astounding and make our customers proud - and make their brand interesting and successful.
This is our philosophy. That’s why we founded Firehouse Advertising Agency.


Do you want to make your company's communication more efficient? Are you looking for a marketing solution that can boost your business traffic? Do you want a new logo, a more modern image? Would you make your brand known with a unique and successful advertising campaign? Or do you simply want to increase the number of your customers / visitors, the sales of your products?
We will help you. Fast, flexible, cost-effective solutions for all kinds of businesses in all areas of communication.

Corporate Identity

Elegant looks are the basis of everything. A unified and professional visual appearance helps your company stand out and boosts trust. We create full corporate identities,we design your logo, business card, stationery, envelopes, presentation template, newsletter. We also undertake the printing of all these.

Website Creation

Your company website is like a storefront. If a well-designed and beautifully crafted page awaits the visitor, they will be more happy to buy from you or order your services. We create your website from scratch, design the wireframe, set the optimal menu items, create a graphic design that matches your image, and develop the entire page. Search engine optimization helps you maximize the number of visitors to your site.

Communication Strategy

Do you know your target audience? Are you targeting them with the right message? Have you looked at your brand through the eyes of consumers? We help you to know where you are now and where you should go with your communication. We can help you to successfully introduce or reposition your brand. Once the communication plan is developed, we will invent and implement the right creative concept and produce your entire advertising campaign.

Classic Advertising

We help you appear in front of the general public! We come up with and present the best advertising idea - we design and produce the desired advertising for online / offline advertising tools. Whether it’s a radio ad, a press release, a flyer, a sticker or an online banner, we’ll do it. We write the right texts on every necessary surface, be it a website, a press release or a PR article. Our graphic works also include packaging design, visual design, and advertising photography. If you think big, we’ll figure it out, write and make your television commercial - from the idea to the finished film!

Social Media

We create your content strategy, design and manage your social media pages, write your posts.

Media Buying

Thanks to our expert partners, we can also ensure the display of your advertisements at a reasonable price. Our services: preparation of a media plan; booking online and offline advertising spaces, optimizing media appearances, creating and managing Facebook / Adwords / Google ads.


Firehouse is a small but emerging agency. Our goal is to create effective and memorable campaigns for our clients. When we founded Firehouse, our goal was to create a real “boutique” agency where we could work with the professionals we consider best in every field. This is how we designed our organization - Firehouse works as a small agency if needed, or a large one if the projects require us to be large. We involve our contracted employees in projects if we consider that they are the most suitable for the given task. This way we can always provide an optimal solution for our customers, whatever task arises.
The founders are experienced advertising professionals with a total of more than sixty years of advertising experience gained at clients in domestic and international agencies operating in many sectors. What unites us is the love of the advertising profession and our commitment to interesting and high quality work.

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